Wednesday 30th of November 2016

Jessica & Louie

This week we had the pleasure of meeting Jessica and Louie from the LGBT Foundation who came along to give a short presentation about the new Sexual Health booklet that that are currently working on and to talk to as many of our members as possible to get thier ideas on what should be included in it.

They are both now full time employees of the foundation, dedicated to all matters concerning Trans people, so are there to help in any way they can.

They gave a brief talk about the Sexual health project they are working on and then spent a considerable time discussing it, and taking notes, with most of the people who were there this evening.

It was a successful evening and we hope they will return soon as we enjoyed their company and I think they enjoyed ours as well.

Jessica & Louie

Megan & Hannah

Here are Megan and Hannah having a serious discussion while looking over all the publicity material that Jessica and Louie had brought with them.

All the talking distracted me from taking many pictures so there are only these few to show.


Early in the evening I was delighted to see Iris come in just for a quick word. Iris is one of the earliest active Transwomen in Manchester and it is great to see that she is still going strong. She was around long before I came on the scene 30 years ago.


Megan & Hannah


Faye and Melissa

Sarah. on the right is one of our most regular attenders but has recently had a long gap as she has been away on holiday to Thailand for several weeks, then when she came back she was unwell for some time. I dont think the change from a hot climate to a cold one is very good for you as I suffered the same fate when I returned from there.
No Matter, it was good to see her back again.

DONT FORGET, we are having our Christmas party BUFFET next week, the 7th of December, so I hope to see many of you there.

Melissa, Joan & Sarah

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