Wednesday 2nd of November 2016

Caitlin & Vanessa

This evening we held a very successful "OPEN MIKE" event organised by Vanessa and supported by Caitlin with her Karaoke equipment and software.

This time we had a agood mixture of singing plus some poetry reading and some Karaoke, which all went down very well.

I would like to congratulate Dolores and Carol for their poetry readings of poems they had written themselves. I didn't know we had such talent within the club.

The people who performed were, Vanessa, Nina, Gabriella, Carole, Dolores, Kettle & Black, Michaela, Gina, Nina, Danni, Clarissa, Alex, Michaela and Gabriella & Gina together.

I hope I have not forgotten anyone. If so I apologise.

Vanessa at the mike






Kettle & Blacke






Jennifer & Rosie

Frances & Gabriella

Lisa, Paule & Faye


It was great to see Lisa with us again after a long absence. she used to come along every week but life has changed for her and now it will only be an occasional visit, but welcome back Lisa, we were all glad to see you again.
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