Wednesday 29th of March 2017



This evening we held our Annual General Meeting.

At this meeting we announced that the club was going to have to move as the building has been sold. The last meeting we will be able to have here will be on Wednesday the 12th of April.

Prior to the meeting Joanna,who can just be seen standing up at the back of the picture on the left, had been asked by our secretary Pauline, to try to do a quick survey of the Village to see if there was anywhere else that we could move to.

She had come up with two significant suggestions. One was the upstairs bar of BAR POP and the other was the downstairs bar of VIA, which is known as POLARI.

Both these bars have been offered to us at no charge, so this is now also an opportunity to possibly change the way we run the club. Our numbers have been reducing and it had been becoming obvious that paying the weekly £50 bill for Villaggio's was going to give us difficulties in the future.

A number of our members went and looked at both these bars after the end of the AGM and the concensus was that POLARI was more suitable for our needs. Along with a cosy atmosphere it consists of two rooms connected in a L shape with a very large Toilet facility attached. This facility is large enough to make a very good changing room that can only be accessed from POLARI itself. So it will be private to us.

The following week, the 5th of April, most of the people who attended also went and had a look at POLARI and the reaction of them all was positive.

Your new committee, which was agreed on at the AGM, met on Monday the 10th and made the final decision that we would go to POLARI and this was confirmed by a phone call to Mike the Manager there. So he is expecting us on the 19th. Before then we have a meeting set up with him on thursday the 13th to arrange any details that need to be made clear before we start.

On that day some of the committee will also attend Villaggio's to remove all the kit that we have there , both in the changing room and the main meeting room.

We would like to publically thank Joanna for her efforts in finding these two places.



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