Wednesday 27th of August 2014

Michelle and Emma

It was quite a surprise to see Paula come in wearing something long, but she manages to look good whatever she wears. Dee, shown with her, is now managing to get out more often and it is great to see her becoming a regular visitor to the village again after many years absence.
Michelle, shown here on the left with Emma, has not been for some time as her work commitments prevent her from getting out, so it is good to see her when she can make it.
I have known Emma for many years now and am glad to hear that she is slowly getting her life to be the way she wants it. I dont want to say too much about the changes she has made but she now seems very much happier than she has in the past. I hope things continue to go well for you Emma.

Dee and Paula


Pauline, on the left, first met Millie, on the right, when she first came to the club about 3 years ago. Since then they have become firm friends and spend a lot of time going out together.
Pauline moved up to this area from the south and is now living full time in the Preston area which is unfortunately still too far for her to be able to get here regularly, so it was good to see her this evening on one of her rare visits.
They both manage to get to the Blackpool group a bit more often as that is much nearer for Pauline.





Roli, on the left, is becoming much more confident and now often goes out shopping dressed as she is, not letting anyone intimidate her from being herself. She says that she is properly treated by most people and enjoys the interactions she has in shops etc. Good for you Roli, you are helping people like us to become accepted as part of the normal life of this country.
Fiona, on the right, always manages to look smart. It is a pleasure to see her whenever she pays us a visit.



Tim and Julia


We have nothing special arranged for next week, but the week after, the 10th of September, we will be having a Fashion show arranged by one of our Members Sue. Anyone who wishes to model for her will need to get to the club early so that decisions can be made about which outfits they will be showing off.
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