Wednesday 24th of September 2014

Janice and Clair

This week we had Janice Jane with us showing her wares of jewellery stockings and handbags. Her prices are very reasonable and the quality is good so she did a steady trade throughout the evening. I even bought a new leather handbag for £9.50 which was an excellent buy. She has arranged to visit us again on the 17th of December so should be good for some christmas presents at that time. Even if it is just for yourself.

It was lovely to see Jeanette come in early in the evening as she is quite a rare visitor now having completed her transition some years ago. Here she is talking over old times with Paula.

Jeanette and Paula

Pamela, Frances and Judith

Pamela, shown here on the left with Frances and Judith, has not been able to visit us for quite a long time so was unknown to Judith. Judith told me that she was sitting with her back to Pamela on the next table and she heard this voice that she thought she recognised, so she turned round and introduced herself, at which point Pamela recognised her voice. It turned out they are both into industrial history and archeology so knew each other from this activity. As Frances is also interested and involved they decided that they should all pose together for this picture.



Genevieve and Clair



Vicky, on the left, came for the first time last week and we were pleased to see her back again today. She is obviously enjoying the experience and we will do all we can to help her.
Roli, on the right, manages to get here about once a month and sometimes takes the day off work as well, so that she can spend time shopping etc before coming to the club.



Ivie, joined us for the first time this evening and very much enjoyed her first experience with us.

Lynn is now our treasurer and also our representative at outside events that we feel we can support. She will be at Chester Pride this coming Saturday. Why not go along to see what is going on and support the event.


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