Wednesday 24th of August 2016


This week we had the pleasure of a presentation by Jill and Elizabeth from YOUNIQUE.
They were demonstrating a Mascara product that can be used to make your eyelashes much larger than their normal size. It is a two part process with the second part containing small hairs that adhere to the mascara to lenghten the final result. It can be applied several times to make them much larger than normal.

Nikki, Lisa & Jill

Elizabeth and Michaela

Jill introduced herself and Liz and started the ball rolling with a game, having arranged us mostly in a circle to make things easier. This went down very well with people taking part and relaxing. At the end of each game someone finished up with a free copy of their mascara product.
Liz then gave a demonstration of the mascara using a willing volunteer, Michaela as her model. The result was very impressive. I thought I had taken a closeup photo but it doesn't seem to have come out so I must have done something wrong, sorry.
They had examples of all their other products as well that can be seen on the photo of Elizabeth above. The two ladies were very popular and stayed all evening. They may pay us a visit on another evening to show other things like their skin care products. To be arranged.

Jill introducing the product with a game.




Nikki & Vanessa

Kaily & Nikki

I was delighted to see Kristina come in this evening as she is a very busy lady and has not managed to make it for several months. It is also great to see Vanessa with us looking so well even though she is still undergoing Chemo treatment.
I was also pleased to see Kaily come in accompanied by another Nikki who we haven't seen for a couple of years. The two of them had just met at a Speech training course that is currently being run at the LGF in Richmond street. If any one else is interested in that aspect then why not get in touch with the LGF and find out more.

Their website is


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