Wednesday 22nd of October 2014

Vicky and Paula

This evening we had arranged to have a quiz to be organised by Emma shown here on the right. She ran a quiz for us a few months back which had gone down very well so we thought it was time to have another.
At the start of the evening we were delighted to see Paula come in looking her usual glamorous self along with her partner Vicky. They were off to see a show at the Palace theatre but had called in to be sociable before the show. I hope they enjoyed it.
Julia, shown below had joined us for the first time this evening having emailed me a few weeks ago to say she was coming to stay the night at a hotel in the village.
Rebecca, shown below with Paula also joined us for the first time, although she has been before but it was 10 years ago when we used to meet in the old Hollywood bar. Life has changed for her and she is now able to return to the scene.
Also shown below is Heather who joined us for the first time last week but I failed to take a photo, so here it is now.



Rebecca and Paula


Vanessa, Lisa, Frances and Caroline

Carole. Judith, Diane and Rachel

Lisa, Julia, Didi and Paula

Libby, Debbie, Rebecca and Paula

We split up into 5 teams for the quiz and I have to apologise again as I appear to have failed to photograph one team. I know it had Genevieve and Heather in it but I cant remember the other participants.
The quiz started of with the pictures and puzzles, shown here on the right and this was followed by 30 questions before we had a short break. We then had a number of music questions to finish it off.
We then swapped question papers to mark the papers and the final winners after a tie break question were the team shown below.

Winning team + Mary

I was not in that team but was included in this picture because I had just given each member of the team a box of chocolates from the club, as their reward for being the winners.
So a big vote of thanks to Emma for all the effort she put in the make it a success and the general opinion was that it made for an enjoyable evening.
We will do it again but we dont think it should be too often. What we need are some other activities that people can do together in this way. Any ideas are always welcome.

Genevieve and Emma




Debbie and Libby

Lynn and Millie




Next week we will be having our Halloween themed evening and I know a number of people a planning to attend in costume so it should be quite different. Also we will have Rosie with us offering her jewellery for sale.
Finally I would like to say that since Lauren left Villaggios they have been having difficulty giving us a full time bar person to look after our bar upstairs. Meshy has been valiantly doing two jobs at once both upstairs and downstairs which has meant that people have been less inclined to stay around when there has been no-one at the bar. What they have now agreed to do is to allow Meshy to stay upstairs from 7 till 10pm looking after us and then Mary will come up and finish off the evening with us.

I hope this will encourage members to return to the club and stay a bit longer.



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