Wednesday 21st of December 2016


This evening, just before christmas, we decided that we would have a "Red & White" dress theme so this is the result.

We were all in hysterics when Michaela appeared in this outfit. She really does make the effort, including even the red hair. Thanks Michaela.

The next best outfit was her majesty Dame Judith with her ermine topped coat. It looked and felt fabulous.


Lynn, Judith & Frances

Jane & Mary



Mary & Judith






Jane, Heather, ? , Megan


Nikki & Hannah




It was good to meet Stan again, as she hasn't been for a very long time. She has recently lived through lots of complexity in her life, but has come through stronger than ever. I hope things continue to go well for her.

Stacey has also not been able to get here for a long time so welcome back to her as well.

We had a very enjoyable evening tonight, with more people that we have been getting for some time so I hope this continues for next week, when I suspect most people will still be on their Christmas break.

So, WE WILL BE MEETING, on december the 28th just before the new year so come along and make the most of the last one in 2016. Mary


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