Wednesday 16th of November 2016


We needed some colour to brighten up this rather miserable day as it was cold and wet outside. Pauline certainly provided it as she always does.
Her friend Sonia has sadly now had to return to her home in India before she was really ready to go. We all hope she manages to return soon.

It was nice to welcome back Dean who came this time with her friend Lizzie. They are both also going to join us for our Christmas meal this coming Saturday here in Villaggios.

It was good to meet Steph again as she joined us downsatirs while having a meal. I took photos but, at this stage, she was reluctant to have her photo here, so no picture for now.






Milli & Jennifer

It was good to see Jennifer and Rosie with us again after a bit of a gap as Jennifer has been working too many long hours. Milli joined us later in the evening and she offered to take Jennifer and Rosie out shopping in Manchester with her and I heard later that they did go out on Saturday afternoon to the shops.

Next week will will have a Silver and Gold theme evening so it should be a bit more glittery than tonight. I hope the weather improves.

Rebecca & Lisa

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