Wednesday 14th of December 2016

This evening we had a musical entertainment from two of our members, who initially surprised us with their american songs by their two man act called THE MERKINS.

This went down well, but I think we preferred it when they returned later as their old selves Gabrielle and Gina.

I would like to thank them both for all the effort they put in to entertain us.

It was fascinating to hear that some people didn't realise they were the same people. Well done to you both.



It is always a pleasure to welcome back old friends who only manage to get here occasionally.

This evening it was Diane and Penny who came along at different times during the evening and I was delighted to see them after a gap of about a year. Thanks for coming.





Judith, Jacquie, Carole & Mica


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Sarah & Paula


Next week we will hold a Red & White dress theme evening as a tribute to Father Christmas.


Finally I would like to thank Gabrielle & Gina again for their entertainment this evening.

Gabrielle & Gina