Wednesday 13th of August 2014

Carole, Barbara, Vicky and Tina

It was lovely this week to meet Vicky and Barbara here on a visit all the way from Perth in Western Australia. They are involved in running the group in Perth so are very active in helping to promote transgender awareness and fun in their home town.
Vicky hails from Sunderland but went to Australia when she was 6 and Barbara hails from Germany but has been there almost as long so they are now Australians.
They are travelling around europe for around 5 weeks but made a special effort to be here in Manchester on a wednesday so that they could join us at the club, having found us on the internet.
They are a very outgoing sociable couple so we are very glad they visited us. They make excellent ambassadors for Australia and we wish them all the best for the future.
If possible they may be back for Sparkle next year.

Vicky and Barbara

Ruby, Judith, Barbara and Mica

Cate and Sam

Millie, Vicky and Frances

Carole and Tina

Sam. in the middle above used to be one of our regular members but has now retired to Spain and visits us for a few weeks in the summer to get away from all the holidaymakers.
Welcome back Sam.
Tina, on the left with Carole has recently joined us but she is also very active with Transforum where she now edits the Translisting which is issued once a month.
Amber on the right is an occasional visitor with us but it is always lovely to see her when she can make it. I told her that next week we are having an "Asian Dress" theme evening and she said that she would try to make the effort to get down here again, wearing an appropriate outfit. I hope she makes it.


Genevieve and Tina

Lisa, Paula and Lynn



Hannah and Nicky


Danni and Nicola

Towards the end of the evening another new girl came in called Nicola. She came and introduced herself to me and I then introduced her to Danni who I had been talking to at the time. They seemed to hit it off straight away and as it was Nicola's first time out dressed, Danni offered to take her out and show her the village.
We later caught up with them in the Molly House still deep in conversation.
A few of us had met up there along with Vicky and Barbara to extend their evening as they were enjoying themselves so much and didn't want to stop too soon.
In the morning Vicky and Barbara were planning to head off to Scotland for the next part of their holiday as they wanted to visit Perth on their way up to Inverness.

Next week the 20th of August we are having an "ASIAN DRESS" theme evening so I hope it is warm enough.

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