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The Committee  

Some of the committee members will always be present on a Wednesday evening. They are shown here to enable people to recognise some faces when they arrive to make it easier for newcomers.

All the committee members can be contacted by email using the address form


Mary, aka 'Mary the Legs' - has been with Concord for over 20 years and hosts the Wednesday night meetings. Mary also organises other activities such as the Christmas Dinners, nights out when the Ladyboys of Bangkok come to town, Rocky Horror Show trips, etc, etc, etc.
Mary has her own blog to keep you all abreast of what's happening in Manchester - see the link above or you can contact her by email on if you would like to say hello before you come along on a Wednesday night.
Our hostess Mary will always give you the warmest of welcomes and put you at your ease
She has taken the role of Chairperson to the committee.

My name is Frances
I was very honoured to be asked by Mary to join her in forming a steering group to oversee the running of Wednesday nights, and to establish the new grouping on an independant basis.

In this I have played the role of Committee Secretary, calling meetings, agreeing agendas, writing minutes and seeing to all the correspondence necessary 'behind the scenes' to support Manchester Concord in what I believe has been a very successful first year' operation. Together with Mary and Tina, I have devised and published the group's Constitution, which is essential to ensure that the group will run successfully on fully democratic lines. Together with Mary, I am one of the Group's officers entrusted with running the group's bank account.

My femme name is Chloe Barr.
When I took my first high heeled steps in public it was to Manchester Concord. Having only recently arrived in Manchester I was alone and very nervous.
I need not have worried. Mary made me feel very welcome and put me at ease. It was a great experience.
To me Concord does an excellent job, catering for cross-dressers of all types. It provides a social focus, a safe haven and
a route for first timers.
I plan to assist in the maintenance and development of this wonderful club.
I agreed to take on the role of Treasurer in 2012.

Tina has been coming for many years and seems to manage to wear a different outfit every week, which I guess is a major part of the fun. She is a train buff and goes on several holidays every year to travel the rail systems of the world. She is also a solicitor and is able and willing to give legal advice to any member that needs this kind of help. If you prefer to contact her by email her address is


Pauline Sometime. came on the committe april 2012

"Hi, I'm Pauline. I have been a member of Concord for the last 4 years, usually getting to meetings at least once every couple of weeks. I owe a great deal of thanks to the club, as it was through Concord that I first came out in public and started the process of discovering a new identity within myself. Like many of us, I still keep some separation between male and female roles, but now frequently get out and about as Pauline. Over the last couple of years I have become more involved in transgender support; as well as serving on the Concord committee, I am a committee member of the TransForum TG support and discussion group, and I am also the editor for the North West TransListings ezine. While having no firm political leanings, I do take a great interest in transgender equality and hope that my actions can help towards this in some small way."

Hello, my name is Helena James. I am a new member of the Concord committee and proud to have been invited. I like most of my peers, came out to the world through this very important and amazing resource without which I would probably still be hiding away in the guilt of the closet. I can be found most Wednesdays at the Concord meetings, so, if you spot me before I see you, please say hello. I shall do all I can to further the awareness of the public in general and more specifically the Trans community-both the hidden and the open through the committee and in my 'normal' life.

Hi, I am Genevieve & I joined Manchester Concord in February 2011.

I promote the club online amongst the transgender community, participate in the forum, & I help at Sparkle & Pride.

I hope to introduce more “in house” events such as buffets, discos, etc, & or combinations of.

I believe that I can support & compliment other members of the committee because I am aware of their hard work in making Manchester Concord happen.

I have agreed in 2012 to take on the role of Membership Secretary.




The people shown below this point are ex members of the committee. They are shown here as an extra way of thanking them for their services to the club.  

My name is Astrid

Asked by Mary to be part of the first committee my main role over the last year has been to provide the web-space for the club's website and to set-up and run the MC Forum.

The forum was intended to allow members to communicate and get to know one another but has, to some extent, developed a life of it's own. Already regular Saturday night meals are being arranged and trips have been organised to Guys & Dolls, Funny Girls and visits to the theatre and Belle Vue greyhound racing planned.

My intention in 2009 would be to take a more proactive approach to getting more of the MC membership on the forum. Those who know me, know that I take the view that T people should be out there in the big wide world like everybody else. While not for everybody, which is why Wednesdays and the Village are so important, I believe an important role of the Concord is to give those that wish to do so every opportunity to make it outside of the Village.

My name is Elaine

I joined Northern Concord in 2000 after I finally plucked up the courage to tell my wife about Elaine. Since then I have been a regular member of the group rarely missing a Wednesday and have stood in for Mary on several occasions.
I started helping Gemma run the 'Door' after Jan gave up the role and now perform this duty most Wednesdays since Gemma also stopped attending the group.
I was proudly asked by Mary to be part of the original committee and take on the role of Membership Secretary. This can be quite a demanding task maintaining all the member records and ensuring that the computer database is kept up to date.
I am always willing to offer help and support and have introduced a number of new members to the group.


My name is Vida
Over the last few years Concord has played an increasingly significant role in my life. I have attended many memorable evenings and met a wide and diverse range of people and made many good friends. It has been wonderful to play a part in recent musical evenings at the REM and I look forward to a variety of exciting future events!

Vida was elected to the committe in March 2009 and has now agreed to take on the role of treasurer.

My name is Vanessa, I rarely miss our Wednesday evenings in the Rembrandt and particularly enjoy meeting new members and offering them advice & support. As a newly elected member of the committee, in 2010, it is my hope that I can contribute towards further building Manchester Concord so that we can offer even greater levels of advice and support to all transgender people. I am particularly keen to raise our profile through improvements to our website and the forging of further links with other Transgender groups

My name is Karen and I have been a member of concord ( both Northern then Manchester ) for the last 10 years. I am honoured to have been elected to the 2011 committee and will endevour to work hard in the interests and growth of this wonderful club.
I am at meetings on a regular basis and always enjoy the company of members old and new .

Failure isn't falling down, failure is staying down!

Transgender Social Club
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