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We now meet in the upstairs bar at Villaggio's

Adddress is 44 Canal street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 3WD

Manchester Concord is a Transgender Social Group that meets every Wednesday evening in the upstairs bar of Villaggio's in Manchester.

The Address is:- Villaggio's, 44 Canal street, Manchester, United Kingdom, M1 3WD

A group has been meeting in the Gay Village in Manchester since 1986. In order to formalise the group some of us decided to take full control of our own affairs by creating a club called Manchester Concord which looks after its own finances, membership list and website as well as continuing the tradition of hosting a venue for transgendered people and their partners every week throughout the year.

The primary purposes of this group are:-

1. To provide a reliable friendly place where newcomers to the transgendered scene can come and meet other like minded people in what is undoubtedly the most tranny-friendly location in the country. It is just the place for people who like crossdressing.

2. To provide a convivial place where old and new members can come as often or rarely as they please to meet and talk with their friends.

3. To get together with friends from the club from time to time at other venues, such as restaurants and shows.

4. To support any other relevant transgender functions or groups.

5. To have fun





One of the other things we wanted for this club was to provide a means for the members to easily communicate with each other outside the confines of the wednesday evening meetings. To this end Astrid has set up a Forum exclusively for Manchester Concord members which we hope will enable our members to help each other and to organise other activities themselves.

A link to the forum is available at the top of each page of the website.

When you first go to the forum you can read all the posts in it as a visitor, but if you wish to contribute then you can register by clicking on the link in the top left hand corner and following the instructions given. But you do have to be a member of Manchester Concord to join it, except for the one section for visitors to ask questions or make suggestions.


Finally, we should make it clear, that the term TRANSGENDER is intended by us, to include all levels of crossdressers, transvestites and transsexuals, who are all welcome at our club.

Crossdressing is not an illness, or a disease, it's a lifestlye decision made by the individual based on his or her likes or dislikes.
Transsexualism is a condition where the the person truly believes they have the wrong body for their brain gender. Neither crossdressing or transsexualism infers the person has a mental health problem, so if you fit either of these descriptions come and join us and let us help you make the first steps to meet the world on your terms.






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